My love for health and well-being was sparked while taking prenatal yoga classes during my pregnancy with my first son. After a career in marketing and sales, I decided to re-enter the working world, and turned my passion for mind-body movement into a career. First, I completed my AFAA Personal Training Certification and 24 Hour Group Fitness Instructor Certification. While teaching group classes, I realized the importance of teaching how to move intelligently. I decided to pursue my Pilates certification through STOTT PILATES® Reformer Certification and Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification.

Returning to my yoga roots, I became a 500HR E-RYT. But my true calling as a teacher came when I was introduced to Yoga Tune Up® and eventually becoming an Integrated Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer.

My classes and private sessions incorporate my passion for movement, concentration and laughter to help you find a space within your own body to call home.

I believe my growth as a teacher is to always remain a student. I continue my education through conferences and workshops with master teachers from around the country. I, also, have the privilege of teaching teachers through trainings, workshops, and the newly launched The Yoga Mentors program. I have found my tribe!


Yoga Tune Up® is a unique program created by Jill Miller. YTU moves beyond classical asana by creatively blending yoga, Pilates, corrective exercise and self-massage with YTU therapy balls to locate those places in your body that are underworked, overworked or just plain hiding out and teach them to live harmoniously and equitably.


Pilates Lab classes or private sessions can be done on the mat or Pilates apparatus. Blending classical Pilates with effective and creative corrective exercises, you will learn to fine-tune your body beyond the core.



Available for private and small group instruction.
Please contact me for pricing and to schedule an appointment or check my Facebook Page for an updated schedule.


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  • Group Fitness Coaching Monday & Friday, 8:30am & 9:30am


All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the movement vital and worth living.
Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

Martha Graham



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